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British Values

At Springfields First School we ensure that British Values are introduced and discussed throughout the school. All curriculum areas, especially RE, PSHE and school assemblies, are used to further the understanding of these concepts. During each lesson children are given the opportunity to deepen and develop their understanding of concepts as well as demonstrating how they can apply them to their own lives. We ensure that British Values are part of the school ethos and are evident in the work undertaken in school.


What does this mean?

How is it taught in school?

What are the effects?



The children see democracy in action and understand that it is important and the foundation of British society.

·         The elected School council

·         Learning walks for behaviours that demonstrate British Values

·         Educational Visits

·         PSHE/circle times

Children are able to work in pairs, small groups and whole class.


Children to show respect for each other’s views and opinions.


Children to use respectful language.

The rule of the law

The children understand that rules and the law govern everyday life in Britain.


They are given time  to discuss and modify the school rules


·         School rules

·         Class rules

·         School Values

·         PSHE lessons

·         Collective worship

·         RE planning

·         Learning walks

Children are able to discuss how to behave in school and explain why they need to behave.


Children able to follow the rules and to understand why.

Individual liberty

Through discussions and whole school assemblies children understand that they are valued as individuals.


Through class discussions in PSHE and RE children know that they have the right to their own thoughts and views.


We encourage all children to be independent thinkers and learners.


·         Show independence in actions and thinking

·         Opportunity to make choices

·         Encourage self-esteem and self confidence 

Children to understand the importance of responsibility.


Responsibility to be given to children as class helpers/toast monitors/playleaders/

music monitors.


Children to be consulted through the school council on a variety of aspects of school life and changes.

Mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith

At Springfields First School respect is a key school  value. Respect is discussed during RE, PSHE and SMSC.

We expect all children and adults to show respect to each other.

·         School worship

·         RE curriculum/RE planning

·         KUW/Geo/History books

·         Learning walks for behaviour

Children are able to explain what we mean by respect.

Children understand the need to show respect and to know that they too should be shown respect.


Children should show respect to each other during their play.