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Kingfishers Blog

Friday 11th October

Hi! This week has been the best week yet because we did our class assembly for our parents which went very well. Before the assembly most of us were very nervous but after everyone was really pleased with themselves. Then on Friday the class designed and made their own Stone Age jewellery from modelling clay. It was very fun and we took a picture of them on the IPad.  We can't wait for Monday for more fabulous learning. Yeah!


Kingfishers Class




 Thursday 24th October

We've had a busy week for the end of half term. We've finally finished our computing project and enjoyed creating fact-files as well as developing our word processing skills. Freya said that she really enjoyed learning how to copy and paste images. We've also created online safety posters to help each other to stay safe. Today we've taken part in our sponsored obstacle course event raising money for our school. Lily and Freya said that they loved helping the nursery children and holding their hands. Connie- Mae said it was good fun to help the little children.

We had a different type of celebration assembly today- Lleyton enjoyed cheering on Mr Rammell as he is getting married during half term.

We are looking forward to our two special Stonehenge days after half term. Milo said that he is excited about Stonehenge maths! Kalen can't wait to dress up! We'll tell you all about it so watch this space...




Friday 15th November


When we went to Newcastle college we went  into the innovation room to make a Lego robot that was programmed by a computer. We had a great time learning how to program the model linked to our topic of animation.

Our Stone Age days were great fun. We made a Stonehenge out of biscuits, "yum, yum!" We made Stonehenge maps and made fact files in our English work.  We also had the privilege to dress up as Stone Age people. Our Stonehenge silhouettes look stunning and Mrs Scott is going to put them up in frames like an art gallery.

Milo and Leo


Friday 29th November

This week we have started to practise our school play and we have also started to read The iron man by Ted Hughes. We've done lots of singing for the Christmas play. We have started to learn about Scandinavia and its countries. We learned how to round numbers to nearest ten and hundred in Maths. On Friday, we did dance as usual. Honey and Maizy were celebrated at celebration assembly.



Friday 24th January 2020

Happy New year! It's been a busy start to the year we are now learning about the Vikings. Did you know that the Vikings travelled in long boats to get to England? We've learnt how to do a forward roll in gym but I found it hard. When we were learning about the British values we were also planning some diversity posters for a competition.

Lleyton and Romeesa


Friday 7th February

We had a great start to the week with bikeability which was amazing. We also really liked science this week as we made posters about magnets showing which metals are magnetic. On Thursday, we were learning about mental health and wrote nice comments about somebody.

 Amy and Lily


Friday 13th March

We have had a very busy couple of weeks with Viking Day, poetry recital, World Book Day and starting a brand new topic- Chocolate!

I enjoyed trying on heavy armour and making a shield wall with the teachers throwing toy axes at us!!!- Reuben

I enjoyed doing different activities for World Book Day and I liked the book swap. It was fun that our parents could come to school.- Lily

My nan and Grandma really enjoyed listening to our poetry which we all had to learn off by heart.- Connie-Mae

I have enjoyed drawing in the style of Quentin Blake this week.- Josiah

We've started learning about chocolate and I like learning about how it is made and the history of it.- Charlotte

I liked learning about where the cocoa trees grow in geography today.- Charlie